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lisa marais was your typical mom-on-the-go frantically trying to be mom of the year. she downloaded all the apps, bought everything she thought she needed (and never used), read all the books, reviewed and visited a number of pediatricians, nannies and daycare centers. everything about being a new mom was intimidating and like every other mom before her she just wanted to give her kid the best she could afford. however, finding comfortable, organic, durable clothing that wasn’t overpriced seemed an impossible feat.


when she launched purechild clothing in 2015, she made it her mission to put the practical (and ease) back into being a mom and set out to create a precious line of affordable baby products that embraced all things pure and natural, that are made available at the click of a button.


today, she helps professional moms build a baby wardrobe that is simple, full of versatile pieces that reflect both an organic, natural style (sophisticated, neutral tones, customer back design details) and adventurous lifestyle (elasticized, practical, machine-washable, travel-friendly).


as purechild clothing grows, its ethos remains the same: live simply, and love genuinely.


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